Loutra Ipatis

  • The Source of Ipati from which the thermal water spring consist of a natural breach of the perimeter soil in the upper part of about 30 meters and resembles a volcano crater . The thermal water gushes at the temperature of 33,5 ° C. The major components of the thermal water which is distinguished from other thermal waters is carbonic acid diluted in a free state such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. These two gases in the thermal water are in a highly significant proportion and classify the source in a particular category of oxyanthrakouchon - ydrodeiouchon with indifferent temperature which is rare and unique for the use of the blood circulation conditions.
  • Therapeutic qualities:
  • Diseases and syndromes of vascular blood vessels
  • Arterial hypertension - Deficiency coronary arteries of the heart- Leg Endartiritis ( intermittent cholotis ) - phlebitis
  • Heart failure valves Heart diseases
  • Nervous system of the heart- Tachykardies- Arrhythmias
  • Peripheral nerves and muscle - Eczema - Dermatitis and others skin diseases
  • Disorders peripheral nerves and muscles - paralysis - muscle atrophy
  • Athritismos under the various effects of it !


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